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Hogwarts Role Playing- History in the Making
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Welcome to Hogwarts Roleplaying: History in the Making.

Here you can create and expand, the stories, characters, and lives of our favourite Harry Potter Characters.

So here's how it works:

To join, please send me an email at islandgurl_61@hotmail.com, with the name of the character you wish to play and a brief example of your own writting material, as well as all experience you may have, if any.
Of course, when given the character, you will be expected to create a new livejournal account for your character, preferably with a name that has something to do with your character.

Posting will be done in a third person format as most other roleplaying is done.
Ex:She walked into the common room and dropped herself onto the sofa. "Hey Harry," she said, without even a glance.
This is a really bad example, but you get the point.

If you would like, you can also post personal journals on the characters page, in journal format, but not when posting in the community.
Be sure to specify in the subject who the post is open to when you post in hproleplaying. (it could be one or two people, or everyone.)
You may also send owls to people in this way, by putting Owl: To "Whoever" in the subject line, and posting in a letter format!

There are many characters currently available and eagerly awaiting takers.
As the character's fill up, I will post the taken names here, and as soon as we have enough main characters to work with, we will get the ball rolling immidiately!!

Original characters are welcome, just send me their bio if you choose to create your own, but please, let's take care of Main Characters first! But a MAXIMUM of 3 characters per person!!

This is a Slash friendly community, and I fully encourage both het. and slash pairings. Warning!: This is a NC-17 site, as there will be course language, possible violence, and explicit scenes.

Charaters are as following:


Harry Potter/aseekersfortune
Draco Malfoy/slytherin_ice
Cedric Diggory/huffnpuff_ced
Hermione Granger/elf_liberator19
Seamus Finnigan/ shamrock_seamus
Luna Lovegood/chsnorkack
Padma Patil/pandapatil
Blaise Zabini/stygian_blaise
Oliver Wood/oliver1976
Lavender Brown/love_lavender
Pansy Parkinson/slytherin_b1tch
Ron Weasley/irishpureblood


Sebastian Vyne/sebastian13
Jack Diamante/judiciouslyjack
Nathaniel Rust/nimble_nate
Leric Windsor/enigmatic_leric
Emerald Potter/emeraldpotter
Orchid Parkinson/slyth_orchid

Also looking for:
-Neville Longbottom
-Ginny Weasley
-Dean Thomas
-Cho Chang
-Pavarti Patil

I would also like to possibly eventually introduce a roleplaying Msn chat, where each one of the characters would create their own seperate accounts, (this could be done over aim or something instead, whichever works best.) This would be good for a fun, entertaining and fast-paced roleplaying with no need for page refreshing!
This would be something that could be discussed and formulated as the community progresses, so be sure to let me know your opinions on it when you sign up!