Open to Draco Only (And Partially Hermione)

When the Headmaster had announced the closing of the sorting ceremony, and the beginning of the first feast, Blaise hoped Draco would perk up at the sight and smell of food. When he didn't, remaining with his elbows on the table, and his head in his hands, Blaise decided that he'd been the stuck up arse he usually was, long enough for today, and that it was time for him to be a friend.

He stood up, stopping Pansy's questions with a wave of his hand, and quickly asked her to save Draco some food, and bring it back for him when she returned to the common room later. He softly grasped Draco's elbow, ushering him to stand with him, and the blonde made absolutely no move to do otherwise. 

As Blaise guided his friend out of the hall, ignoring a few curious glances, he managed to catch Hermione's eye and mouth the words, "see you tonight" to her, hoping that she understood, and excused his strange departure. 

The trip down to the dungeons was completely silent. When they reached the common room door, Blaise whispered the password they had received from the head of house earlier in the night, and nudged Draco inside, following him at his heels. He brought him straight into Draco's private quarters - which he had since he was Head Boy - and sat him down on the bed.

"Stay here," he said, a strong hand resting warmly on his shoulder. "I'll go make you some hot cider."
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i hate you

The Sorting: Open to Anyone

Draco left the small holding room in a very bad mood indeed. He couldn't believe the audacity of that student.  

Oh well, he thought, We'll see who's laughing later.

Draco pushed his annoyance out of his mind as he made his way back to the Slytherin table.  He sat down next to where Blaise and Pansy had situated themselves.

He turned to them, a bored expression on his face.  "I hope the Sorting goes quickly.  I'm about to kill something," he grumbled.  All he wanted was for the night to be over.  It had been a hellish day and he couldn't see how it could possibly get any better.

He glanced up as he heard Professor Dumbledore calling the attention of the room and saying something that Draco didn't care to listen to. He was waiting, not so impatiently for the Sorting to start.  He sighed impatiently and turned to Blaise and Pansy.    "When are they going start this damn thing?" he snapped.
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Open To Anyone: Specifically Seb, Herm and Ron

Stepping into the Great Hall again, was like the release of a huge tension in his back, shoulders and head. For the first time in a few solid weeks, Harry actually felt careless again, atleast for a few moments. It was good to be back, and when he looked up at the enchanted ceiling, the crappy weather didn't really bother him as much.

Side by side with Hermione, he moved towards the Griffindor table, thinking to himself how wierd it was to not have Ron on his other side.
He quickly glanced around the room for Sebastian. He knew he had to be sorted still, so Harry's sharp emerald eyes searched the small crowd of cowering first years and new students, waiting for the sorting ceremony to begin. It wasn't long before he found the black head of hair with a blue streak, standing in somewhat solitude, not too far away from Nate, who was talking to another new student, whom Harry didn't recognize.

Keeping his gaze on Bastian, Harry secretly hoped that the smaller boy would look up and see him; That he would look up and Harry would be able to look in his stunning saphire eyes again; That he would look up and Harry would be able to see that smile again.

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Alone the Rain Falls

As Leric sat on a carriage heading for his new school in a personal diary he wrote:

"The black trodden horse led my carriage.
Along came the Storm.
It howled and it plundered.
The ground, so Forlorn.

A new day dawns,
But alone i Waited
Gazing on the rain
That I so Hated.

A castle up Ahead
Oh hell, the Dread
The time had Come
In despair and in Glum.

To Face a life,
Downtrodden and Rainful
I left everything
I gaze on the Rainfall
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Open to Nate: A New Friendship

By the time Seamus made it onto the drenched platform the carriages were filling up quickly.  He sighed and ran through the rain towards the closest.  He pulled the door open and jumped inside before slamming it shut behind him.  The Irishman looked up and saw that only one other person was in the carriage, and it was someone he didn't recognize.  This guy had dark hair and a stoney expression on his face.  He was staring out of the window, not even looking up at who had just entered.

"Hello," Seamus said weakly, due to the fact that he still hadn't recovered from his botched encounter with Jack.  "My name's Seamus.  You must be new because I've never seen you around before."
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I Bite

Open to anyone: Specifically Blaise

Draco huffed to himself as he stepped off the train and into the pouring rain that pounded the platform.  He tugged his cloak tighter around his body and made his way through the jostling crowd.

He scowled as a second year stumbled in front of him, but resisted the temptation to curse the living day-lights out of him.  After all, isn't that what Pansy had said not to do?

He closed his eyes momentarily as if praying for patience, then continued towards the horse-less carriages that stood waiting for the rain-soaked students to clambor in.

He walked to the end carriage and swung open the door.  "Crabbe, Goyle, get out," he ordered the two lumps of boys that were seated inside.  His expression was cold and uncaring as he listened to their feeble protests.

In the end, they left the carriage, lumbering off to find another.  Draco gave an annoyed shake of his body, as if trying to rid himself of a bad day.  He slid inside the carriage and shut the door, sitting down and turning to face the other boy that sat in the carriage.

Draco's eyes traveled over the shadows that partially obscured the boy's handsome face.  The chiseled features were complacent as Draco regarded him.

"So, Blaise," Draco drawled.  "Nice of you to show up."
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Open to anyone: Specifically Jack

As Padma stepped off the train, she pulled up the hood of her robes, trying her best to keep as dry as possible, under the murky, wet skies. She walked along side of her sister and Lavender Brown, but stayed relatively quiet as she wondered how things were going with Jack and Seamus. 

She glanced around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the two of them together. Perhaps they would get a carriage together, earning themselves more of a chance to get to know eachother. That's when she saw Jack just ahead of her and to the left. By himself, that is.

Padma sighed in sympathy, and excused herself from the two girls, quickly falling into step with her long-time best friend. Jack didn't even acknowledge her with a glance, his eyes glued to the "horseless" carriages in front of him, seeming only mildly interested. Padma could tell he was only pretending to be preoccupied with the carriages, and that his mind was really else where. 

They walked in silence for a few moments, although Padma thought she knew what Jack's wordlessness was saying. Finally, as they neared an empty carriage, she took a breath, and tentitavely spoke. "So, I take it things didn't go too well."

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I'm sorry (Open to Draco only)

Pansy pulled Draco down the hall and into an empty compartment, listening to him protest the whole way.  She pushed him forward into the compartment and stepped inside before slamming the sliding door shut behind her.


“Look, Draco,” she began, sounding aggravated, “I want to mend things up between us.  I’m sorry for what happened.  We both said and did some things that we regret.  I shouldn’t have spilled the truth about your feelings to Potter, and you shouldn’t have cursed me.  We were both in the wrong.  I’m saying I’m sorry, okay?”


She sat down heatedly onto the bench in front of Draco and waited for his reply.

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Open to Anyone: Specifically Hermione

Harry sighed and stood up, straightening out his robes.  Deciding he was better off thinking about his love life problems later, he left the compartment in search of Hermione. He hadn't seen her in a while, and was hoping he'd be able to catch a carrige with her. He needed to talk to her about all this. She always seemed to have an opinion or some advice concerning Harry's problems, and although sometimes he didn't always want to listen, now was a time that he really wanted to hear what she had to say. As much as he hated to admit it, Hermione always did have a point. She was always able to think much more logically about things than Harry could, so he figured maybe since approaching this whole situation emotionally wasn't helping, maybe a bit of Hermione's straight forward knowledge and wisdom would help him out.

He wandered down the hall of the gradually slowing train, glancing into the windows of the compartments, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. When he finally did, he opened the door quietly, a passive, almost sad look on his face. He wasn't entirely surprised at who she was sitting with either. When he spoke, his voice was small and shy, two qualities he did not usually attain.

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