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Open to Emerald

Harry walked slowly down the hall and up towards the owlery in a daze. He couldn't believe what had just happened with he and Draco...he was tempted to pinch himself, but he refrained, knowing that what had happened had been very real.

He almost felt physical pain when he thought about what the consequences of his actions would be. Draco had been very drunk, and Harry was well aware that Draco may wake up in the morning and totally regret how rash he had been. But ridding his head of the erotic images of the gorgeous blonde moaning and thrusting into him, was proving to be incredibly difficult. Harry would have stretched to say impossible.

Shaking his head, and trying his best to ignore the troublesome, (and mouth-watering) thoughts, he stepped into the owlery and glanced around for Headwig. When he found her, he whistled to wake her,  and she fluttered down to his arm, nipping his fingers affectionately. 

"Take this to Emerald," he told her. "And try to bring back a response with you, okay?"


Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've spoken with you. How are you?

Are you really coming to Hogwarts? Because if you are, it's surely going to complicate things...I hate to say this, but I still haven't told anyone about you. You understand how things are over here...Well, I suppose it's time I do, anyway.

Don't fret too much about things with me and Malfoy, although they are complicated. And Merlin, they just got about one hundred times worse. Can you guess why? me. On the bright side, he's downright bloody brilliant in the fucking department! ^ - ^

Anyway, it's great to hear from you, and be sure to get back to me!


Harry James

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