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Hogsmead not Hogwarts

Emerald Potter slammed her bedroom door and stormed over to the bed kicking the night table furiously before throwing herself down. Looking over on the night table, she picked up a photo of her, Harry, mum and dad. He was holding her and mum was holding Harry. It amazed her how the picture moved.

Anita's stepmother had been downstairs when Emerald and Anita had gotten into yet another argument. "Hogwarts doesn't teach Wicca and it wouldn't be fair to you to have to give up the Goddess", Anita had said. "Wicca, Witchcraft, it's all the work of Diablo" Anita's stepmother had said, never letting Anita forget her Latino roots. "Besides why would you want to travel half way around God's Green Earth to see that retarded freak of a brother of yours anyway!? OH that's right you're a freak too" Anita's stepmother said to Emerald.

That's when it happened. The air around Emerald was charged with static electricity and the lights started flickering madly. "Take that back you racist pathetic hypocritical bitch. Anita's father was alright for you marry with his money, if anyone is evil its YOU"! Emerald screamed at her. Suddenly Anita's stepmother began growing, actually becoming larger. The air, which is one of the elements in Wicca anyway, was alive. Emerald could almost wrap it around her like a cloak. "My brother is not a freak! You're the freak! I wish you'd just blow up"! Emerald screamed.

Anita watched as her stepmother kept getting bigger and bigger. "Go to your room NOW Emerald Lilly Potter we'll discuss this later" Anita had screamed at her.

Emerald heard Anita say a spell on her way out, but didn't look back. Now in her room, Emerald wondered if Anita's stepmother was right that her and Harry were both freaks. After all she had just used wandless magick to blow her up.

Emerald would have to owl Harry again and tell him that she wouldn't be coming to Hogwarts. She wondered if he'd already gotten her previous owl, telling him that she would be coming to Hogwarts and what he was doing right now. Looking at the picture again Emerald Potter started crying. "I wish you were here Harry."
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