emeraldpotter (emeraldpotter) wrote in hproleplaying,

Owl to my dear brother Harry

Merry Meet, Harry

It's me Emerald, your sister. Anita said that our godfather,(Goddess, be Sirius at rest now in the Summerland)told you about me 4 years ago. About 2 years ago, Anita told me about you. Goddess knows I wanted to get in touch with you before this, but Anita said that it wasn't time, that when you needed me, I would know, and the time would be right.

Anita told me about your life so far at Hogwarts. The Goddess has blessed you with the two best friends anyone could have. Try and find out what they like Ron and Hermione (did I spell it right), I'd love to bring them something from the States, to show my apprition to them for loving and taking care of you.

We have a few important Coven meetings so I wont be leaving right away. Anita and I are arguing. Halloween (Samhaim- pronounced sow like cow in)is The Witches New Year and she wants me here for that. She said it's been 18 years, a few weeks won't make a difference, but I think The Goddess will understand.

Because of my illness 2 years ago I was left back a year at Salem Witches Academy, so I will be completing my final year at Hogwarts.

What is up with this reptile Malfake, is he someone I need to hex? I can hear Anita know, "Ever mind the rule of 3, What ye send out comes back to thee". In his case I think I'll take my chances.

Well, owl me and let me know about Ron and Hermione. I'm not really sure when I'll be leaving, but know that you are in my thoughts, and that I can't wait to see you Harry.

Love and Blessings of The Goddess

Emerald, your sister.
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