irishpureblood (irishpureblood) wrote in hproleplaying,

Open to Harry and Hermione: Harry you what...

After Hermione gave Ron the password, he walked to the common room in a daze. Anyone seeing him and knowing anything about the Muggle movie zombies would have thought he was one.

Ron didn't look up to see where he was going, but never the less he found his way to the Gryffindor Towers.
"Strawberrychoclatefizz" he said and The Fat Lady let him in. He didn't even hear her say "Hello".

Once inside, he was glad, that for the monent, he was alone. He fell onto the couch. "Bloody Hell" he thought. Ron tried to twig what Harry had told him. He should have waited before "talking" with Malfoy.

Ron had extended his hand to the blond snake in friendship, because he was spared by all those yonks of rowing, and Ron was an adult now. "I hope you enjoy it" Malfoy had said.
So far Ron was having a absolute bloody ropey time.
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