slytherin_b1tch (slytherin_b1tch) wrote in hproleplaying,

Drunk Dragon (Open to Draco and eventually Harry)

Pansy dug into one of her overnight bags and found the bottle of Dragon's Breath Liquor.  It was the what the common folk called "hangover juice", because it was sure as hell going to give you one if you were to drink it.  Pans slipped it into her hand bag after she stripped out of her uniform and into something a little more comfortable, if you could called a mini skirt and heels comfortable.  She wandered down through the dungeons and tried a few doors before she made it to Draco, sitting alone and looking very deep in thought.

"Hello Draco," she greeted him and stepping inside.  "Are you okay?  Blaise said you might need something with a bit of a kick tonight so I brought you this."

Pansy pulled out the bottle of liquor and handed it to Draco.  She then conjured two glasses with her wand before putting a Locking Charm on the door.
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