Open to Hermione, Ron, and Blaise if he returns

Harry's tired, heavy eyes followed Blaise as he stepped out of the potions room. Already having noticed that Malfoy had yet to make an appearance, Harry had little doubt in his mind as to where Blaise was headed. 

He shook his head as he dropped his eyes back down to the task in front of him, but his gaze wouldn't focus, and he nearly chopped off his fingertip when he entirely missed the head of one of many assorted bugs that lay scattered, but very much dead on his desk.

"Harry!" He heard Hermione exclaim from the right side of Ron. "Pay attention. I may have a spell to fix your glasses, but replacing your hand isn't as easy."

The raven haired Griffindor felt himself make a sound that was somewhat close to a whimper, before putting down the knife and cupping his exhausted face in his hands.  "What in the name of Merlin have I gotten myself into?"

He only realised that his words were spoken out loud when he felt Ron's eyes on him. "What's that you said?"
Harry gave him a withered glance, but said nothing. Instead his eyes drifted beyond him, to rest on Hermione, who was sending him worried glances. "Herm," he said in almost a whisper. "Do you think I should talk to Zabini?"


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i hate you

Open to Anyone: The Morning After

Draco rolled over, feeling a dull pounding in his head.  This feeling gave a sharp increase as he rolled onto his stomach.  He gave a soft groan and pulled the covers over his head to block out any light that may have permeated his dungeon room. 

He felt like shit.

His stomach felt like he was going to be sick at any moment and his head was pounding so much he could have sworn a drummer had taken up residence there overnight.  His semi-conscious brain wondered if he had any Hangover Potions. He didn't remember if he had packed any before leaving home.  He was always seeming to need them nowadays...

He gave another louder groan as he tried to bury himself under the covers.  He hoped to Merlin no one would come in and force him to ge up.  He didn't give a fuck if it was the first day of his seventh year.  What did he have to look forward to? His father was in jail, his mother was dead, and Potter.... Oh fuck. Potter.

Draco's groan this time was agonized as a bit of the previous night slipped into his memory.  Most of the details were fuzzy, but he was pretty sure he had seen him last night.

Draco didn't even want to know what he might possibly have done. He just wanted to stay in his bed for the rest of his life, or at least until the hangover was gone.
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Back to the Dragon's Den (Open to Draco)

Pansy laid on Draco's bed, filing her nails, reading a fashion magazine, and sipping on the drink Draco had left behind.  Pansy wasn't much of a drinker and rarely drank enough alcohol to the point of intoxication.  She sighed and looked at the clock again.

"Bugger," she muttered to herself.  It was nearly one-thirty and still no Draco.

She looked back down at the magazine and sighed as she turned the page.  But then a rather flashy dress caught her eye and her mood seemed to perk right up.  It didn't last long though, because Draco came stumbling into the room only a few minutes later.  Pansy saw that his eyes were glazed over, his hair was slightly frazzled, his cheeks flushed, his lips swollen, and a bright pinkish-purple mark was on his neck.

Pansy's eyes grew wide.  "Where have you been?!  Or rather, who have you been with?"

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Open to Emerald

Harry walked slowly down the hall and up towards the owlery in a daze. He couldn't believe what had just happened with he and Draco...he was tempted to pinch himself, but he refrained, knowing that what had happened had been very real.

He almost felt physical pain when he thought about what the consequences of his actions would be. Draco had been very drunk, and Harry was well aware that Draco may wake up in the morning and totally regret how rash he had been. But ridding his head of the erotic images of the gorgeous blonde moaning and thrusting into him, was proving to be incredibly difficult. Harry would have stretched to say impossible.

Shaking his head, and trying his best to ignore the troublesome, (and mouth-watering) thoughts, he stepped into the owlery and glanced around for Headwig. When he found her, he whistled to wake her,  and she fluttered down to his arm, nipping his fingers affectionately. 

"Take this to Emerald," he told her. "And try to bring back a response with you, okay?"

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Hogsmead not Hogwarts

Emerald Potter slammed her bedroom door and stormed over to the bed kicking the night table furiously before throwing herself down. Looking over on the night table, she picked up a photo of her, Harry, mum and dad. He was holding her and mum was holding Harry. It amazed her how the picture moved.

Anita's stepmother had been downstairs when Emerald and Anita had gotten into yet another argument. "Hogwarts doesn't teach Wicca and it wouldn't be fair to you to have to give up the Goddess", Anita had said. "Wicca, Witchcraft, it's all the work of Diablo" Anita's stepmother had said, never letting Anita forget her Latino roots. "Besides why would you want to travel half way around God's Green Earth to see that retarded freak of a brother of yours anyway!? OH that's right you're a freak too" Anita's stepmother said to Emerald.

That's when it happened. The air around Emerald was charged with static electricity and the lights started flickering madly. "Take that back you racist pathetic hypocritical bitch. Anita's father was alright for you marry with his money, if anyone is evil its YOU"! Emerald screamed at her. Suddenly Anita's stepmother began growing, actually becoming larger. The air, which is one of the elements in Wicca anyway, was alive. Emerald could almost wrap it around her like a cloak. "My brother is not a freak! You're the freak! I wish you'd just blow up"! Emerald screamed.

Anita watched as her stepmother kept getting bigger and bigger. "Go to your room NOW Emerald Lilly Potter we'll discuss this later" Anita had screamed at her.

Emerald heard Anita say a spell on her way out, but didn't look back. Now in her room, Emerald wondered if Anita's stepmother was right that her and Harry were both freaks. After all she had just used wandless magick to blow her up.

Emerald would have to owl Harry again and tell him that she wouldn't be coming to Hogwarts. She wondered if he'd already gotten her previous owl, telling him that she would be coming to Hogwarts and what he was doing right now. Looking at the picture again Emerald Potter started crying. "I wish you were here Harry."
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Open to anyone: Specifically Bastian

After a long feast, Jack finally made his way to the Ravenclaw dorms with Padma and surrounded by cheerful, bouncy students.  He felt so out of place there. The train ride had been horrible and the feast not much better.

He had to admit that the castle was nice and large.  It was comfortable, despite its size.  He followed Padma to through it until they came to Ravenclaw Tower. They were given the password by a Prefect and went inside.

Jack was fairly impressed by the size of the common room.  It had many plush arm chairs, perfect for reading, surrounding the walls and fireplace.  Most of the decorations were a deep blue color.  

Padma showed him where the boy's dormatories were  and watched sadly as he dragged his feet up the stairs.  When he reached the seventh year dorms, he  was surprised to find that his things had already been brought up and had been set at the foot of one of the beds.

There was another boy in the dormatory and Jack decided to try to get out of his funk.  He walked up to the boy, who was sitting on his own bed and unpacking.

"Hi, I'm Jack," he introduced himself.

The boy looked up and took a moment to take in Jack's body, making him feel slightly uncomfortable.  But it was gone as the boy smiled. "Michael," Michael replied.  "You're new?"

"Yeah," Jack replied.  "So are there any other boys in this dorm?"

"Yeah, Terry's around here somewhere," Michael said casually. He picked up his shirt and grabbed a towel.  When he was to the bathroom door, he glanced back at Jack and smiled softly.  "I'm sure we'll be having lots of fun this year."

Jack watched Michael disappear into the bathroom and laughed to himself for a second. At least Michael wasn't hitting on him... yet. Hew shook his head and walked back to his bed, opening his trunk and beginning to unpack. 

He was in the process of putting away his trousers when he heard the door swing open.  He turned around, expecting to see Michael, but instead found himself looking at the most peculiar boy.

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Owl to my dear brother Harry

Merry Meet, Harry

It's me Emerald, your sister. Anita said that our godfather,(Goddess, be Sirius at rest now in the Summerland)told you about me 4 years ago. About 2 years ago, Anita told me about you. Goddess knows I wanted to get in touch with you before this, but Anita said that it wasn't time, that when you needed me, I would know, and the time would be right.

Anita told me about your life so far at Hogwarts. The Goddess has blessed you with the two best friends anyone could have. Try and find out what they like Ron and Hermione (did I spell it right), I'd love to bring them something from the States, to show my apprition to them for loving and taking care of you.

We have a few important Coven meetings so I wont be leaving right away. Anita and I are arguing. Halloween (Samhaim- pronounced sow like cow in)is The Witches New Year and she wants me here for that. She said it's been 18 years, a few weeks won't make a difference, but I think The Goddess will understand.

Because of my illness 2 years ago I was left back a year at Salem Witches Academy, so I will be completing my final year at Hogwarts.

What is up with this reptile Malfake, is he someone I need to hex? I can hear Anita know, "Ever mind the rule of 3, What ye send out comes back to thee". In his case I think I'll take my chances.

Well, owl me and let me know about Ron and Hermione. I'm not really sure when I'll be leaving, but know that you are in my thoughts, and that I can't wait to see you Harry.

Love and Blessings of The Goddess

Emerald, your sister.
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Open to Harry and Hermione: Harry you what...

After Hermione gave Ron the password, he walked to the common room in a daze. Anyone seeing him and knowing anything about the Muggle movie zombies would have thought he was one.

Ron didn't look up to see where he was going, but never the less he found his way to the Gryffindor Towers.
"Strawberrychoclatefizz" he said and The Fat Lady let him in. He didn't even hear her say "Hello".

Once inside, he was glad, that for the monent, he was alone. He fell onto the couch. "Bloody Hell" he thought. Ron tried to twig what Harry had told him. He should have waited before "talking" with Malfoy.

Ron had extended his hand to the blond snake in friendship, because he was spared by all those yonks of rowing, and Ron was an adult now. "I hope you enjoy it" Malfoy had said.
So far Ron was having a absolute bloody ropey time.
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Open to Blaise: A Midnight Rendez-Vous

Hermione, along with the rest of the Houses, watched as Blaise practically dragged Draco from the Great Hall.  She looked up, concerned, and caught Blaise's eye.  He mouthed something to her, but she couldn't quite make out what it was.

Instead, she went back to her meal, her mind now occupied with thoughts of what he had said.  Around her, whispers and talking began to cover up their sudden disappearance. Ron and Harry began talking but she paid them no attention.

After what seemed like forever, the feast ended and they were allowed to go to their dormatories.  Hermione gave Ron and Harry the password and left them to their own devices.  She retreated to her own dormatory to wait until 11 o'clock.

THe evening passed slowly for Hermione as she was nervously awaiting her meeting with Blaise.

Finally, at twenty till eleven, she crept downstairs, knowing that people would still be up.  She pretended that she was going to do Prefect duty and managed to slip out the door fairly unseen.

Though she knew she had rights to be out, she still felt nervous and moved as quickly as possible to the Astronomy Tower.  She climbed the stairs quickly and quietly, feeling her heart rate increasing with each step.  At long last, she made it to the top of the tower.  

Looking around the flat, gray area of the tower, she wondered where Blaise was.  Glancing down at her watch, she realized that in her nervousness, she had accidentally walked a bit too fast and was five minutes early.

Hoping to calm her nerves, she walked over to the edge of the tower and gazed down at the grounds, hoping everything would go well that night.
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Drunk Dragon (Open to Draco and eventually Harry)

Pansy dug into one of her overnight bags and found the bottle of Dragon's Breath Liquor.  It was the what the common folk called "hangover juice", because it was sure as hell going to give you one if you were to drink it.  Pans slipped it into her hand bag after she stripped out of her uniform and into something a little more comfortable, if you could called a mini skirt and heels comfortable.  She wandered down through the dungeons and tried a few doors before she made it to Draco, sitting alone and looking very deep in thought.

"Hello Draco," she greeted him and stepping inside.  "Are you okay?  Blaise said you might need something with a bit of a kick tonight so I brought you this."

Pansy pulled out the bottle of liquor and handed it to Draco.  She then conjured two glasses with her wand before putting a Locking Charm on the door.
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